The origination of Quick Reviews was in 2000, when J.D. Funari, an avid moviegoer, began listing movies he had seen in his AOL Instant Messenger profile with a rating score of 1-10. In some cases, if a movie elicited a particularly strong reaction, he would jot down a sentence or two next to the title.

Eventually, J.D. began adding a short review for every movie he saw and the current system was born. In September of 2001, J.D. Funari made the decision to start saving his reviews, which up until that time, were deleted following their short appearance in his AIM profile. Thus, the first incarnation of the Quick Reviews web site was created: an archive of past reviews sorted by month (to view the original site click here).

Time passed and this bare-bones site started to show it's limitations as the accumulated reviews became a burden to search through and adding features a difficult process. With the year anniversary approaching, J.D. began developing the concept for a completely redesigned Quick Reviews that would function not only as a storage center for his reviews, but also as a full movie web experience.

In October 2002, J.D. Funari was proud to launch the new Quick Reviews web site, vastly improving user friendliness while still providing the short 'n' sweet movie reviews it is known for.

The creator and maintainer of Quick Reviews is a producer, editor, and director working in Los Angeles. In March of 2002, J.D. released his first short movie called Evening Message. It has since been featured in numerous NY screenings and hailed as "...required viewing for any grass-roots filmmaker" by FilmThreat.com. For the latest news on J.D. Funari's projects, visit JDFunari.com

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